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Struve Fine Art Specializing in 20th Century American Art Works. 

There are several areas of emphasis:  



Modern and Contemporary

List of Various Prints

Robert Arneson

Jack Beal

George Bellows

Roy De Forest

Chuck Close

Martha Mayer/Erlebacher

Rafael Ferrer

Luis Jimenez

Robert Indiana

Alfred Leslie

Sol Lewitt

Claus Oldenburg

Philip Pearlstein

Pablo Picasso

Peter Saul

Hugo Weber

H.C. Westermann

William T. Wiley

Tod Wizon


Heartland Painters

James Winn

Heartland Painters

 Ed Ruscha

Standard Station, 1966


James Winn


American Modernists

Morris Blackburn   

Burgoyne Diller

Werner Drewes  

Carl Holty

Joseph Meert

Rolph Scarlett

John Sennhauser

Rudolph Weisenborn

Institute of Design Photographers:

George Barford

Eugene Bielawski

Lois Field

Milton Halberstadt

William Keck

Gyorgy Kepes

Nathan Lerner

Lázlň Moholy-Nagy

Margaret de Patta

Allen Porter

Arthur Siegel

Aaron Siskind

Henry Holmes Smith

Robert Bruce Tague


Allen Porter




I am always interested in seeing and buying works by the above artists.  List of Wanted Artists




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     All artwork is offered subject to prior sale and although we regret any errors or omissions, we reserve the right to change anything.